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Embedded System IOT Training

Trainer Speaks
Hi, I'm Devanshu Shukla. In this course, I'll show you how to use an arduino board to understand concepts of microcontroller, programming an embedded device, reading write data from serial and bluetooth devices.

Training Modes
Classroom Training : H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Online Training: Hackveda One2One

Training Fee: INR 1,000/- only

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URL: http://www.hackveda.in/one2one
Username: demoembedded
Password: demoembedded

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Embedded System IOT Training in Hackveda, Delhi, HackvedaOne2One

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Degree: Embedded system & iot training
University Name: Hackveda
Location: Delhi, HackvedaOne2One
Paper Code: Embedded system iot training
Credits: L : 0, T : 0, P : 0, C : 0
Training Type: Paid

Please note Embedded System IOT Training preparation course by Hackveda starts with beginner level concepts and escalates each day to design and implement solutions to complex problems available. All the required Embedded System IOT Training tools will be provided by Hackveda, VMDD Technologies within Embedded System IOT Training development kit. People who find it difficult to reach our Delhi centre, but are interested to join our Embedded System IOT Training course can join training online.

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