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NodeJS Tutorial

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Hi, I'm Devanshu Shukla. In this course, I'll show you how to use a Node.js framework Express.js, the Express API, the expressgenerator. This course starts from basics of GET and POST request between client and server and ends with a sample application deployed on NODEJS Server.

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Classroom Training : H-3/60, III Floor, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi - 110089
Online Training: Hackveda One2One

Training Fee: INR 3,000/- only
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What is Express? Well, it's a minimalist web and mobile application development framework for Node.js. Now let me explain something. By minimal, I don't mean that it only has a few features here or there or that it can't do a lot. No, to be clear, it was designed to provide the key set of features that you would need to build a web application. So it's a tidy, performant framework and here's the thing. It's extensible and flexible so that you add on other bits of Express functionality as you require them, and you can also replace anything that doesn't quite suit your requirements. It's kind of the opposite approach of some frameworks that give you everything only so that you have to strip away bits that you don't need.

NodeJS Tutorial in Hackveda, Delhi, Hackveda One2One Online

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Degree: NodeJS Tutorial
University Name: Hackveda
Location: Delhi, Hackveda One2One Online
Paper Code: NodeJS Tutorial
Credits: L : 50, T : 25, P : 25, C : 100
Training Type: Paid

Please note NodeJS Tutorial preparation course by Hackveda starts with beginner level concepts and escalates each day to design and implement solutions to complex problems available. All the required NodeJS Tutorial tools will be provided by Hackveda, VMDD Technologies within NodeJS Tutorial development kit. People who find it difficult to reach our Delhi centre, but are interested to join our NodeJS Tutorial course can join training online.

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