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TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course

TOGAF is a popular framework enabling Enterprise Architecture within an organization. In this course, I'll discuss the TOGAF framework and Enterprise Architecture and then go deeper into how to develop architectures using this framework.

Enterprise architecture is not a synonym for IT architecture. Enterprise is the context in a complete enterprise including all business processes, Information Technology, and infrastructure. For large enterprises, it can also mean a specific area within the enterprise. Examples of enterprises could be a government department, an entire organization, or even a set of organizations with a single owner. Now depending on the situation, the enterprise can also include partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

A business strategy of an enterprise is built by looking into the future and determining how the business should be operating at some future time. When such a strategy is executed, the entire business is aligned and made ready to operate like that when the time comes. This includes all areas of the businesses. Now the purpose of enterprise architecture is to align and integrate all business processes to support that business strategy. Well, most often used on the IT side to ensure that all IT components are prepared to support the business. This does also include any manual processes that may be present as well. Now it is important to note that enterprise architecture is not exclusively an IT function. Indeed, it can be used for a business transformation though.

TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course in Hackveda, Delhi

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Degree: TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course
University Name: Hackveda
Location: Delhi
Paper Code: TOGAF Enterprise Architect
Credits: L : 50, T : 25, P : 25, C : 100
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Please note TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course preparation course by Hackveda starts with beginner level concepts and escalates each day to design and implement solutions to complex problems available. All the required TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course tools will be provided by Hackveda, VMDD Technologies within TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course development kit. People who find it difficult to reach our Delhi centre, but are interested to join our TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect Course course can join training online.

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